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147-148 AD Roman Brass Sestertius (NGC Fine).

-Issued under the rule of Antoninus Pius, 15th Emperor of the Roman Empire (138-161 AD).
-Obverse features a laureate bust of the emperor, facing right.
-Reverse depicts the emperor seated on raised platform with Liberalitas holding abacus and cornucopia, facing left; man with extended arm, facing right.
-Minted in Rome.
-Graded by NGC as Fine (F).

Price:  $1,500.00 

Product Detail Description
147 AD was the year of the fifth donative, and also the 900th anniversary of Rome; celebrated by months of games.

Diameter: 36 mm
Weight: 21.2 grams
NGC Certification: 3987208-002
Catalog number: RIC#775, C#511, BMC#1693, FOSS#147 54a