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HANS BURKHARDT (1904-1994)
Untitled (Abstract Forms)
Linoleum Print
Framed 29.125 x 15.75 in.
Image 3.5 x 17 in.
Executed in 1971

Price:  $900.00 

Product Detail Description
Burkhardt was born in Basel, Switzerland and later immigrated to New York. He studied art at the Cooper Union, then after one year, went on to the new Grand Central School of Art. There he met Arshile Gorky who became his mentor. In 1937, Burkhardt relocated to Southern California. He was a forerunner of abstracted, expressionist painting, particularly amid the more conservative Los Angeles figurative painters in the late 1930ís. He used assemblages and other modernist techniques to make statements about society and his antiwar beliefs. His feelings on the wars he had lived through reflected in his work, as did the influence of nature motifs and raw emotion. His training as a draftsman is apparent in the order and balance in his comp