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From the 'Inscape' series
Signed in Pencil
Etching & Acquatint
Framed In Wood & Glass
Size: 27 in. x 20 in.
This work is numbered 38 in an edition of 85

Price:  $1,440.00 

Product Detail Description
Sebastian Matta. 1911-2005 -Roberto Sebastian Antonio Matta was born in Santiago, Chile in 1911. He studied architecture at the Universidad Catolica in Santiago. In 1933 Matta traveled to Paris and worked for two years as a draftsman in the Paris studio of famed architect Le Corbusier. While visiting his aunt in Madrid, he met Federico Garcia Lorca and Pablo Neruda. Neruda introduced Matta to Salvador Dali and Andre Breton. Impressed by Mattas drawings, Breton invited him to join the Surrealist group in 1937. Influenced by his association with the Surrealists and by Marcel Duchamps theories of movement and process, Matta began to explore the realm of the subconscious and to develop an imagery of cosmic creation and destruction. Robert Matta