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Alexey Marroquin
Sin Titulo from Series Universo Y Naturaleza (Brown Metal Flake Paint)
Granular Textures, & Metal Washers
Size: 24 in. x 20.5 in.
Painted in 2005

Price:  $925.00 

Product Detail Description
The highly original works of Alexey Marroquin show a great deal of technical skill. Not just artistic skill, but practical mechanical skill as well, which is noteworthy in the world of art. In his first artworks, mainly on mirrors, large metal sheets and processed woods, Marroquin’s work was dominated by line. These lines acted as rigid boundaries to fields of intense color, bordering reds, blacks and ultramarine, the occasional free line bisecting the composition. More recently, working on metal and aluminum sheets, Marroquin has come to allow himself greater freedom. Lines become expressive channels, writhing and undulating through the work, free and unbounded; texture moderates the monochrome as points rise above the surface like pulsati