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A lot of five (5) Antique Meiji period (1868-1912) heighly detailed stained Ivory carved NETSUKE figurine (with no holes):

- An old woman holding a fan with 2 hands.
- An old man with large white beard.
- A peasant holding 2 wood pieces.(missing 2 feet).
- An old man playing with his beard and holding a bird cage (Cage is broken & so is 1 of his feet).
- A peasant carrying a basket and holding a walking stick, Standing on a dark brown base.

Ivory Disclaimer: This Item Contains Elephant Ivory: Legally Imported, Antique / Pre-Ban, Inside U.S.A Can Legally Own and Purchase, No International Shipment Allowed, Will Not Export, Domestic USA Sale Only.

Figurine sizes run around 2 in H

Price:  $480.00 

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