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'Barnums Own Story' by P.T. Barnum 1891 Edition.
-Published by R.S. Peale Company.
-Barnums Own Story for the Boys and Girls of America: Natural History from a New Standpoint Combining Science, Narrative, and Adventure by P.T. Barnum.
-From Google Books: Barnums own story for the boys and girls of America: natural history from a new standpoint, presenting a complete and thorough study of the nature, habits and characteristics of the beasts, birds and reptiles of the earth, together with the story of their capture in their native wilds...
-Book is in Decent Condition. Some Fraying/Wear on the Edges of the Covers. Pages in Aged but Good Condition, a couple of Tears. Some Writing on Inside Pages.

Price:  $144.00 

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